27.11.19 – 26.1.20, Group Exhibition

Depiction, Again

With Colleen Asper, Aoife Collins, Craig Drennen, Daan van Golden, Shimon Minamikawa, David Leggett and Wong Ping

What meaning do pictures have? This question was asked by artists at all times. With the technical developments of the past centuries, our relation to pictures in relation to reality has changed. Our technical devices allow us for example to copy, mirror, manipulate, and share images within minutes. The exhibition Depiction, again looks specifically into this flexibility of 'pictures', It refers with its title to the abundance of images in our daily lives, which makes it increasingly difficult to talk about originals, derivatives or fakes, and further, about authorship. The artists that are part of this exhibition question what is presented and in what way, and how we can deal with images as individuals and as society. In order to be able to experience the variability and flexibility of the image in a spacious way as well, the works will be rearranged during the second half of the exhibition, at January 8, and thus again 'depicted'. Then there will be a second opening.

27.11.19, 18:30, Event

Opening: Depiction, again

With artist talk with Craig Drennen and Aoife Collins. Afterwards: Concert with cover band Reichert I Schwarz Trio

9.2.20 – 12.4.20, Solo Exhibition

Christopher Knowles