Kunsthalle3000 - chronicles 'Art in public space, Langenhagen'

The exhibition Art in Public Space, Langenhagen, Kunsthalle3000 brings sketched memories of inhabitants of the city of Langenhagen together.

Concept: Thomas Geiger
Text: Noor Mertens, Thomas Geiger
Publisher: Mark Pezinger Books



Astrid Seme - Baroness Elsa's em dashes.

The purpose of the em dash is wide-ranging —as an appropriation of silence, as acting dissonance, as interruption, as occupying space. This anthology zooms into the pointed use of em dashes in the poems of pioneering Dadaist artist, Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven (1874 – 1927). Her poems; performances; costumes and life-style all made a point of challenging bourgeois artistic and moral conventions with an unapologetically feminist, proto-punk aesthetic. The reader will find Elsa’s works in conversation with the likes of well-known dashers such as Gertrude Stein, Lawrence Sterne, Heinrich von Kleist and the queen of dashing herself Emily Dickinson.

10 × 14.5 cm, 88pp
Language: Englisch
Edition: 400
Design: Astrid Seme
Publisher: Black Forest Library



Stefano Calligaro

This book has No Title.
It is not even a book. You can call it what you want.
The only thing you need to know is that you are reading a collection of e-correspondence between:
Stefano Calligori and Q.S. Serafijn


Stefano Calligori and Kurt Ryslavy

Idea: Stefano Calligaro and Noor Mertens
Design: GuessWho?


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