24.11.21, 19:00, The Verein


15.12.21 – 31.12.21, The Verein

new COVID-19 information for visitors

15.12.21 – 13.2.22, 18:00 - 20:00, Group Exhibition

maybe better not

6.1.22, 19:00, Event

Archipelago Hot Spot online live Präsentation with Fumiko Kikuchi, Eva Noeske, Esra Oezen, Nico Pachali and Viola Yeşiltaç

4.2.22, 19:00, Event

Nearby Professions #15 online: Activist

9.2.22, 19:00, Event

online-Discussion about conditions of production during and post COVID19

16.3.22 – 29.5.22, 19:00, Exhibition-/Eventcomplex

Things, we still don't understand*

Exhibition- and eventprogram with Johannes Büttner, Gertrude Honzatko-Mediz, Elke Marhöfer, Lucile Olympe Haute, Jan Erbeling, the Langenhagen Pole Dance Studio LaBelle and more.

Opening wednesday 16th march starting at 19pm.

More is soon to come.

25.3.22, 20:00, Event

POLE DANCE SHOW in the exhibition

6.4.22, 19:00, Event

ONLINE talk with Elke Marhöfer, Johannes Büttner und Sebastian Stein

30.4.22, 19:00, Event

Protectionritual for Beltane (with waves and gong)

Performance-Ritual: for this event Lucile Olympe Haute invites us to come as the cyborg we are: with our smartphones, to join a ritual she'll lead using together tarot cards, gong & DIY devices as tools to connect to invisible worlds. In her perspective, she considers magic as a view of the world, technology as tools, ritual as method, being inspired by ancient practices and beliefs that have structured our culture and our imagination.

14.5.22, 14:00 - 16:00, Event

Conversation with things

28.5.22, 19:00, Event

Performance-Lecture by Jan Erbelding

10.6.22 – 31.7.22, Exhibition-/Eventcomplex

Never again the Present

19.6.22, 10:00, Event

Walk with GLIEM

1.7.22, 19:00, Event

Discussion with the science-fiction authors Juan Guse and Joshua Groß