Kunstverein Langenhagen was founded in 1981 by citizens interested in art who wanted to create a contemporary art forum in Langenhagen. Thus, the members took an active part in shaping the cultural life of the city of Langenhagen.

Since then, Kunstverein Langenhagen has gained recognition far beyond the city limits as an exhibition venue for international contemporary art. It became an important player in the cultural region of Hannover. The steadily rising exhibition funding by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture as well as other sponsors documents this public perception.

As a member, you are invited to help shape this success story and to provide active support. To finance the institution, we continue to depend on donations and funding. With your membership fee, you provide indispensable support!

In addition to exhibitions, the Kunstverein offers you various opportunities to share in an experience and a discussion of topics and media of international contemporary art.

Members support one of the youngest art associations in Germany as well as the development of contemporary art and artists themselves. Thank you!

  • Individual Member 30 €
  • Partner/Family Members 15 €
  • Students, Artists, Handicapped, Unemployed 15 €
  • Senior 20 €
  • Company Memberships 200 €
  • Supporting Members 70 €
  • Trial Membership (1 Year) 15 €

Please contact us if you would like to know more about your benefits as a sponsoring member. We are happy to inform you about the details of a membership. Tel. 0511 778929

Downloads: KVL_Online_Antrag_web.pdf