21.12.22 – 26.2.23, 20:00, Exhibition-/Eventcomplex

some debris of the present, part 3: VIOLENCE/BODY, MASCULINITY, SURVIVAL, SEX, DEATH

24.12.22 – 7.1.23, The Verein

Opening times during change of year

25.1.23 – 26.1.23, 10:00 - 22:00, Education

ACID SURVIVAL training with a focus on masculinity and violence

2.2.23, 19:00, Event

Talk with Tadzio Müller in the Pi32

16.2.23, 18:30, Event

Filmscreening at the Kino-im-Sprengel: United in Anger - a history of ACT UP and Finite: the climate of change

24.2.23, 19:00, Event

Guided tour and finissage party

21.3.23 – 21.5.23, 19:00, Group Exhibition (Currently)

I would also love to be a part of the creation of all these new myths

25.4.23, 19:00, Talk

Conversation with Maje Mellin about a different way of handling with Fu (her horse)

21.5.23, 15:00, Event

Finissage and Release

of the book published to accompany the exhibition with Alessandro Pignocchi's comics translated into German for the first time, with coffee and cake.

9.6.23 – 24.6.23, Exhibition-/Eventcomplex

working title: art space in the catastrophe

Lectures, interactions, confrontations on three Saturdays (10., 17., 24.06.23).

The environments surrounding us have unmistakably fallen into crisis-ridden, if not catastrophic, conditions. More precisely, they have been brought into crisis and catastrophic conditions by human activity. What role did and do art spaces play in this? And how do they function in these conditions, as places of confrontation and cultural production? With these questions, we are not interested in pragmatic solutions by means of which we can deal more effectively (more disciplined, more optimized, more meager) with the conditions that are very likely to become even more difficult, so that we can endure them a little longer, survive in them a little longer. Rather, we would like to deal with fundamental reorientations, other goals, other modes, perhaps even ways out.

On three Saturdays in June, we will try to approach these topics in the Kuntsverein by means of lectures, discussions, performances and films. The topics will include working and production conditions in the art field, administrative constraints and requirements, mutual care and attention, other forms of learning and producing, sustainability, our relationship to our environment and the planet, waste, possible futures, and much more.