Kleiner Auszug aus der wilden Ökologie - Alessandro Pignocchi

KVL Bulletin Nr. 14

KVL Bulletin Nr. 12

KVL Bulletin Nr. 11

About the exhibition 'These are the days - Christopher Knowles' with contributions by Noor Mertens, Anthony Elms, Max Andrews, Lauren DiGiulio, Nico Pachali, Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt

Ici Non, Hier Nicht, Not Here #1 - Christopher Knowles

'Ici Non, Hier Nicht, Not Here' is a new publication series of the Kunstverein. The first issue is dedicated to the work of Christopher Knowles.

Ici Non, Hier Nicht, Not Here is an exhibition that uses the 'paper space' as an exhibition space. Its name is derived from a series of works by artist Remy Zaugg from 1995. This series consists out of small paintings with scarcely legible words that dialectically refer to the fact that images are physical, found in a specific place, and yet also ubiquitous.

Publisher: Kunstverein Langenhagen
Concept: Noor Mertens, Bart de Baets, Lea Schürmann
Design: Bart de Baets

ISBN: 978-3-9821442-1-4



KVL Bulletin Nr. 10

About the exhibition 'Depiction, Again' with contributions by Noor Mertens, Colleen Asper, Craig Drennen, Aoife Collins and Richard Aldrich.

Bulletin Art in the Classroom Nr. 1

About the project Haltung(s)*echo by the artist Gloria Zein.
The Art in the Classroom project is a one-year collaboration between Kunstverein Langenhagen and class 10.2 of IGS Langenhagen.

Rooms to Let - About the Impossibility of Translating Interventions in Hotels

ROOMS TO LET is a project by Andrea von Lüdinghausen and Mareike Pöhling. The publication gives an insight into the prologue and the first four chapters that ROOMS TO LET has realized since 2018 in Hannover, Ulaanbaatar, Hiroshima and Langenhagen.

Publisher: Kunstverein Langenhagen, ROOMS TO LET
Editors: Noor Mertens, Andrea von Lüdinghausen, Mareike Pöhling
Texts: Marcus Steinweg, Noor Mertens, Sorry Gilberto, ROOMS TO LET
Design: Bart de Baets



KVL Bulletin Nr. 9

About the exhibition by Kurt Ryslavy with a text by Luk Lambrecht, about the exhibition Rooms to Let, about the archive of the Kunstverein Langenhagen and with a conversation by the artist Bruno Botella.

Kunsthalle3000 - chronicles 'Art in public space, Langenhagen'

The exhibition Art in Public Space, Langenhagen, Kunsthalle3000 brings sketched memories of inhabitants of the city of Langenhagen together.

Concept: Thomas Geiger
Text: Noor Mertens, Thomas Geiger
Publisher: Mark Pezinger Books



KVL Bulletin Nr. 8

About the exhibition Art. 132-75. The Bulletin was used by the guest curators as an expansion of the exhibition, with a collection of different texts and images around resistance in relation to objects.

KVL Bulletin Nr. 7

About the exhibition GIANT with the fairytale The Three Languages and about the project A Place for Urgent Needs of the Kunsthalle3000.

Astrid Seme - Baroness Elsa's em dashes.

The purpose of the em dash is wide-ranging —as an appropriation of silence, as acting dissonance, as interruption, as occupying space. This anthology zooms into the pointed use of em dashes in the poems of pioneering Dadaist artist, Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven (1874 – 1927). Her poems; performances; costumes and life-style all made a point of challenging bourgeois artistic and moral conventions with an unapologetically feminist, proto-punk aesthetic. The reader will find Elsa’s works in conversation with the likes of well-known dashers such as Gertrude Stein, Laurence Sterne, Heinrich von Kleist and the queen of dashing herself Emily Dickinson.

10 × 14.5 cm, 88pp
Language: Englisch
Edition: 400
Design: Astrid Seme
Co-published: Mark Pezinger Books



KVL Bulletin Nr. 6

About the exhibition She is the future, with a poem by Jay Tan and a conversation with the French curator Gallien Déjean.

KVL Bulletin Nr. 5

About the exhibition by Isabel Nolan, thoughts about the program Freiraum für Gedanken und Freiräume [freely translated as Open Space For Thoughts and Buildings] and about the cooperation with the Kunsthalle3000.

KVL Bulletin Nr. 4

About the exhibition The changing appearance and a text about Riccardo Dalisi.

KVL Bulletin Nr. 3

About the exhibition The Extended View and with a conversation with Jack Jaeger.

KVL Bulletin Nr. 2

About the exhibition by Jack Jaeger, a talk with KroOt Juurak and text by Raimundas Malašauskas, Stefano Calligaro and Kate Strain

KVL Bulletin Nr. 1

About the exhibition of Stefano Calligaro, curator Kate Strain reflects on her past experiences with artist Krõõt Juurak and art critic Sabrina Tarasoff with a text about the oeuvre of Philipp Kremer.

Stefano Calligaro

This book has No Title.
It is not even a book. You can call it what you want.
The only thing you need to know is that you are reading a collection of e-correspondence between:
Stefano Calligori and Q.S. Serafijn


Stefano Calligori and Kurt Ryslavy

Idea: Stefano Calligaro and Noor Mertens
Design: GuessWho?


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