1.5.24 – 5.5.24, other

Listen to your Confusion - Workshop with Mattin

Listen to your Confusion! Workshop with Mattin

Have you ever been confused? If you have, welcome to the world. We live in the asshole of history. It is warm in here, and it stinks. And it is getting warmer. Meanwhile, the liberal conception of the subject is disintegrating, leaving many people confused and desperate and fascism is ready to give a home to the people who feel subjective homelessness.

In this workshop, we will deal with this subjective disintegration. We will take Pauline Oliveros' deep listening exercises as a starting point. In these exercises, Oliveros explores the difference between the involuntary nature of hearing and the conscious nature of listening while cultivating a greater awareness of the external and internal sound environment.

Through listening exercises, conversations, and other experimental devices and by reflecting on current noise theories, this workshop will explore the prevailing confusion that emerges from an increasingly complex and contingent reality and aim to address and register internal and external noise that bothers, disturbs, exhausts, or omits us.

We will explore the social noise between an increasingly competitive and individualistic reality and our inability to adjust to a crumbling model by listening to our confusion.

The workshop will be for free and every one is invited to participate. It is also possible to join for single days but it makes much more sense to be there the whole time. As we will not reply to email or phone during the Abolish KVL phase from the 29th April please register prior to the 28th via mail@kunstverein-langenhagen.de

26.5.24, 16:00, Talk

some remarks and a talk on what abolition and exit mean to us in these catatrophic times